Re: Hi-Res STS/Mir PIX

Leo Barhorst (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 15:29:03 +0200

Ron wrote:
> Hello Fellow See-Sat-ers...
> FYI if you would like to see our PRELIMINARY results of imaging runs on
> STS-79/Mir, peek at:
> The first image explains why so many of you saw DIM passes of STS/Mir...
> These are RAW, first cut images, they will be replaced with better frames
> shortly!
> NOTE: Both images were taken in broad daylight with the sun 30+ degrees in
> the sky!
> Enjoy,
> Ron Dantowitz
> Celestial Computing, Inc.
>         -AND-
> Museum of Science, Boston

Hello Ron,

Just downloaded both pictures.
They're GREAT!!

Look forward to see the definate results.

Haven't had a change to see MIR/Shuttle on good passes due to cloudy weather.
Just saw it once shortly after docking; but low in the southeast. It was about
magnitude 2.


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