Re: Geosynchronous Flashing Satellite

Jim Varney (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 23:14:05 -0700

Ron Lee wrote:

>I had several problems trying to observe the Geosync Flasher.

I would try observing at the same time, about 0320 UT, with a
buffer of 15 min on either side.

>I ran RA/DEC positions on #20040, set up the telescope
>to the correct RA/DEC (around RA 16.5 hours), then realized that it was
>too far west.

Trakstar has been outstanding on this object.  For Denver CO I get

1996 Sep 29  03:20:00  CO   17h08m48s   -7d37'39"  (UT time/date)

 -- Jim