PPASINP program

Leo Barhorst (leobarhorst@pi.net)
Sun, 08 Sep 1996 20:44:28 +0200

The PPASINP program made by Jim Varney woks pretty well, although I haven't yet been 
able to download the improved version (in oxford there still is the old version).

A few days ago I used the program to proces my observations of sep 1-3. After finishing 
the file it looked alright and moved it to the PPAS directory. It smoothly merged with 
my own 1996-obs file. But I was unable to use this new data in the satflash anlytic 
graphs. Just the old entries in ppasformat worked fine.
I also noticed that some output lines from PPASINP were not correct.
- Accuracy of 1 second is displayed as 1.0 and 1 position off;
- Flashperiods are not properly aligned at the decimal point;
- the remarks start 2 positions too early.

Perhaps the new version has already resolved this 'bugs'?

Some more remarks:

After saving an entry to a file the cursor jumps to the start of the new entry.
When the Steadybox was marked in the previous entry you've to go back with Shift-Tab to 
the ClearAll button. Removing the S-mark while making a new entry brings you 
automatically to the ClearAll button and pushing it forces you to make the new entry 
Wouldn't it be easier to have the entryboxes cleared when a obs is saved to a file? 

Can the Startsplittime box have a default of 0 0 0.0 as I usually make an observation by 
starting at the first (rather the zero) flash; laptime the last flash (and in most cases 
also the fashes inbetween for DRA-obs and safety - shadowentry, clouds, trees, losing 
the sat) and the stop the chrono at a 5-second mark of my DCF-777 clock. This clock is 
running extremly accurate as it is set every minute to the precise second by the 
longwave radio transmissions of an atomic clock in Germany.
The laptime of the last flash is entered in the Endingsplittime box.
I still have to calculate the exact clocktime of the last flash:

	= clocktime at chronostop - stoplaptime chron0 + laptime last flash

This time is entered in the topline of PPASINP

Looking forward to the new version of PPASINP and the DRAINP??

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