Sun outage-Partial eclipse Oct 12

John Locker (
Sun, 08 Sep 1996 14:44:56 -0700

October 12 1996 presents a special opportunity to seesat members in Europe.
On that day,sun-outage of the Geosats should be in full just so
happens that between mid-day and 4pm,there will also be a partial eclipse of
the Sun.

It will be interesting to see what effect this has on the signals from the
satellites in the clarke belt,and give us the chance to observe the
difference in strength of the solar radiation,between the morning ,and
afternoon.[I know many other factors can come into play here,but clear skies
permitting it could prove interesting]

Many of you will be observing the eclipse,by projecting the sun's image,...I
wonder what the chances are of spotting the image of a Geosat cluster during
the outage,in the same way ?[eg.. the 6 sats in the Astra cluster around 19

Am I talking through my wotsit,..or is it possible?..I dont have the
facilities here to project a large enough  image of the sun during outage to
test out the theory,but maybe you do..!

If you do,perhaps you could let me and other see-satters  know could
be a "novel" way of seeing the sats.

You'll no doubt realise that I am a reader of the group,rather than a
regular contributor..I do however find the info you guys put out very
interesting...please accept my apologies if,I AM talking a load of
rubbish,but the idea has been bugging me for some time,and we only get a
couple of chances each year to experience the outage.

Regards and best wishes,

John Locker G7-MIZ
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