RE: NOSS 2-3 designations

Ted Molczan (
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 09:38:30 -0400

Jay Respler wrote:

>> The international designator convention adopted by the
>>hobbyists is summarized in the following  table:
>>             90050     91076     96029
>>Leader         B         C         C
>>Trailer        C         D         D
>>Outlier        D         E         E
>The designations for 96 29 don't match my observations.  These diagrams show
>relative observed positions.  C led E.  D was a little ahead of, and offset to
>the east of C.

I suspect that the designations will be swapped to bring
them in line with the leader, trailer, outlier sequence.
I am not involved in this process, so I do not know for
certain what will be done, nor when.

>>Int'l       NORAD
>>Desig    Old    New
>>------  -----  -----
>>96029A  23862 23893
>Are there any new elements for this, or are the old elements still valid?

The elements are no longer valid. The object's orbital
whereabouts are unknown to any of the hobbyists I know.

Ted Molczan