NOSS 2-3 designations

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Thu, 5 Sep 1996 14:54:18 -0400

Thank you for trying to bring some sanity to the 96-29 designations. 
As I understand it, there is still a designation, 96029G, as you seem to 
prefer, or 96- 29 G, as PPAS would have it, which is presumed to be the 
other end of the Norton-Ralph tether.  If and when it splits and if both 
pieces can be tracked, I presume that designation would be pressed into 
>              90050     91076     96029 
> Leader         B         C         C 
> Trailer        C         D         D 
> Outlier        D         E         E 
I guess the term "sidecar", which I have to think Jay Leno would prefer, 
is just too ridiculous for standard usage.  Though I think perhaps few 
college-educated people, presented with the word "outlier" devoid of 
context, would be able even to pronounce it, let alone define it. 
(To speakers of English as a second language:  "outlier" is pronounced 
OUT-lie-er; though being a very unfamiliar word, it might look like 
"outly-er", save for the fact that there is no word "outly" of which to 
form the comparative). 
Every calculation I've done shows the D object to be the leader.  I've 
thought this peculiar.  Am I confused?


Walter Nissen