Ted Molczan (
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 09:38:25 -0400

John Pike asked:

>I have received the following email. We are still brain.dead around here
>from an incomplete WIndoze95 transition, so I can't answer the question
>definitively, though it sure sounds like NOSS to me. Can anyone confirm this??
>>My son (10) and I (much older) were in the mountains of W.Va. tuesday after 
>>persedes about 10:20 or so we saw a flight of 3 satelites in perfect triangular
>>formation transit from North to south. No flashing tumbling or other special

The NOSS 2-2 triad made a high elevation NW to SW pass 
over West Virginia on 13 August at 10:24 PM EDT.

There were numerous naked-eye sightings of the NOSS 2-1 
and 2-2 satellites during the Perseid weekend. I do not
know the cause of the objects' unusual brightness.

Ted Molczan