John Pike (
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 18:26:48 -0400

I have received the following email. We are still brain.dead around here
from an incomplete WIndoze95 transition, so I can't answer the question
definitively, though it sure sounds like NOSS to me. Can anyone confirm this??

>My son (10) and I (much older) were in the mountains of W.Va. tuesday after 
>persedes about 10:20 or so we saw a flight of 3 satelites in perfect triangular
>formation transit from North to south. No flashing tumbling or other special
>effects just a workman like transit in a beautiful orbit on a full view
(milky way &
>no moon) night. I have seen satelites before from different locations in N.
>but I have never seen anything like this. My son, who had only seen the
milky way 
>on a computer screen, was blown away with the experience and is 
>now MOST curious as to what we saw. Thank you


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