Unidentified Bright Tumbling Satellite

Robert Sheaffer (sheaffer@netcom.com)
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 11:08:21 -0700

Thanks to everybody for their amazingly quick replies to my

The object suggested by Ted Molczan, Cosmos 2322 r 23705U,
seems to match the observed path quite well. The discrepancies
seem to be: A) the object was observed to transit approx. 3
minutes later than the prediction, and B) it was about two
magnitudes brighter than predicted (apparently not all that
uncommon, it seems).

The object suggested by Dr. J. Monseur (ANNA 1B R 0447U) matches quite well 
in terms of time. However, the predicted path deviates significantly from
the observed path, while the other object matches the path
exactly (it only reaches 66 deg elevation, the 86 deg elevation of
COSMOS 2322 R matches much better). Also, the predicted brightness of 
this object is some four magnitudes fainter than observed.

So I'd assume it's Cosmos 2322 r that's running a bit late in
its schedule.

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