accelerations and mean motion

Kurt Jonckheere (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 15:46:27 +0100 (MET)

Considering rotating rockets, the normal behaviour indicates an 
exponential rise of the rotation period with time.  But  in our archive 
(PPAS) we have a lot of accelerations.  
(see the web pages: experimental results of flash period measurements).

Most of the time there is also a change in mean motion, and accordingly 
in drag values on the same time.  (see again web pages of the BWGS: flash 
91, 92-8B accelerated).  

Thanks to Ted Molczan and Mike McCants(the kilroy archive), I've been 
collecting all element-files since May 92.
Now I can start to compare them with the accelations in our archive.

- Has somebody already done this before?  Are there any 'correlations',
or is the correlation very fuzzy (as it seems to me on a first look).
- Do you know where to get older elements (before may 92)?
In our archive (the PPAS) we have a lot of old, good observed 
Maybe some (official?) organization can make them accesible through the net?


Kurt Jonckheere