Re: 500x videos of satellites

Bjorn Gimle (
22 Sep 1995 07:06:23 GMT

Re: introduction by Ron Dantowitz, spaceman),
and's reply
>>>We have seen Mir's modules and solar panels even during the daytime, 
>>>and have seen the wings, nose,tail, cargo bay of the shuttle during day
>>> as well, etc. In short, it's neat!
>>Sounds neat.  It would also be neat if those pictures were posted here.
>>I'd especially like to see images of Russian sats that normally don't get
>>published.  Maybe even KH and Lacrosse too.
>How about it?
I second this. Quite a new dimension to Walter Nissen's questions on
Okeans and C*1933 type satellites, the FLASH observation program 
(interpreting secondary flashes and half/full period etc.) and the
DRA program (Determination of Rotational Axis) !!

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