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Thu, 21 Sep 95 04:30:00 UTC

help! Apogee formula needed!
>need a quick way to figure out a satellites APOGEE height above the
>earths surface from the TLE files I get off of seds.arizona/archive.afit,
Do you have to actually calculate them from the elements?
If not, it probably would be faster to get the SATELLITE SITUATION REPORT
and just take the figures from there.
>Has anyone been able to see a shuttle at this inclination from even
>farther north than 41 degrees?
>John Alsobrook
The first shuttle I saw was also at 8 deg elev.  I think I've seen them a
little lower but I don't have any figures in front of me now.
I'm at lat 40.2833.
Freehold, New Jersey