Reentry observed + Pageos.

Neil Clifford (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 16:48:31 +0100 (BST)

Forwarded to seesat-l, from Paul D. Maley:

|>I am happy to report we observed the spectacular reentry of STS-69 at 
|>1122GMT this morning. In its typical fashion (I've seen 6 or 7 reentries of 
|>the orbiter before) we observed a red incandescent trail  in the wake of 
|>Endeavor which itself was -3 magnitude and yellow (oval shape). Skies were 
|>mostly cloudy (low clouds) but we had quite excellent views anyway. I was 
|>able to get the parking lights in front of the Mission Control Center turned 
|>off so that we could better observe the low elevation pass (max el 17 
|>degrees) as it flew directly over Waco, Texas to our north. The trail, which 
|>repeats at certain missions, also took it over McDonald Observatory.  This 
|>sighting was different from STS-70 which occurred with the sun 3 degrees 
|>above the horizon. This time sunrise was 40 minutes after the predawn pass. 
|>Orbiter altitude was 37 nautical miles, velocity Mach-16.


|>NORAD 5994 (the Pageos mylar) fragmented on Sept.9 and  again on the
|>14th. There are about 12 pieces right now. I did obtain good  video of
|>the intact piece on Sept. 1.


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