Tristan Cools (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 23:11:19 +0200

Hello everyone,

I received some personal mailings from Seesat-L readers who didn't receive
any messages from Seesat-L last week.  I must say that I have no control
over Seesat-L so if the problem lies at Garching, I cannot solve it.
Next sunday I will have a meeting with Bart De Pontieu and will talk about
it.  Maybe he can do something with my computer via telnet.

Let me know if someone of you are still having problems with
sending/receiving Seesat-L messages.  I will pass them through to Bart.

By the way: I am still working on the next Flash issue.  If someone of you
still have articles or obs for it you can still send them directly to me.

Tristan (

PS: To Walter Nissen: Can you re-send the article of the Mir-elsets to me ?
I've lost the article on my latest (and fatal) harddrive crash.