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Fri, 8 Sep 95 09:58 MDT

Hi All,

I've been lurking out here for a while and figure I ought to introduce
myself.  My name is Dave Cappellucci and I live in Colorado Springs (the
home of NORAD).  I remember seeing my first satellite in the summer of
1970 and have watched for them every time I went camping in the years 
since.  In 1993, I wrote my own program, which I call SatSpy for Windows.
Since then, I have used to the program to observe over 300 different 
satellites (with over 500 total observations).

I have worked for over 15 years in the aerospace industry as a software 
engineer.  I was employed by Loral Command and Control Systems (formerly
Ford Aerospace) where I worked as a team leader on the Space Defense 
Operations Center (SPADOC).  I designed and developed many of the programs
used by the US Air Force for tracking and identifying orbiting satellites.
My most recent position was the team leader for the Breakup, Lost and Decay
team and was responsible for developing the software used to identify
fragments resulting from on-orbit explosions, to recover lost satellites and
to predict when satellites will decay.

Many of my friends have suggested that I make SatSpy available to others.
As a result, I decided to publish the program as shareware.  Anyone who is
interested can find it at "".  

Thanks for the mailing list.  I've found it most interesting to follow the
threads and hope that I can contribute in the future.

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