Re: Resurs 1-3, C* 1933 family

Tristan Cools (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 21:45:21 +0200

>I'd be interested in any info about 
>SICH 1 
>1 23657U 95046A   95244.36072558  .00000087  00000-0  10000-4 0    66 
>2 23657  82.5328 107.3242 0026510 270.7543  89.0628 14.73409928   150 
>What's a Sich?  The program name for the heavy ELINTs?  Different spelling 
>for Okean?  How can I tell whether this is a heavy ELINT or an Okean or 
>something else?   

For Walter Nissen,

A picture of a Sich 1 mock-up appeared in the last issue of
Spaceflight(September 95). The picture was taken at the Paris Air show. It
is difficult to recognize but it doesn't look like a Okean Spacecraft.
This(first) satellite from the Ukraine is described as a 6.7 ton radar
satellite for remote sensing operations.  It looks like a cylinder with on
top a radar on it and at the back probably an orbital manoeuvring system.

I can hardly believe that this satellite has a mass of 6.7 ton because of
the launch capabilities of the three stage version of the Cyclon rocket.  It
can only launch about 4 tons into LEO, so this must be an error.

Tristan Cools