Soyuz observation

Mike McCants (
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 00:18:36 -0500

I spotted the Soyuz about 14 minutes behind Mir on Sept. 5 about
1:41UT (8:41CDT Sept. 4).  It was about magnitude -1 in the northwest
when I noticed it.  After about 10 seconds or so, it faded rapidly
to invisibility.  It seemed to be reddish just before it became
invisible.  About 10 seconds later it gradually became visible
as the phase improved.  After it passed culmination, it was about
first magnitude and steady.  Then it gradually faded as it went
into the southeast.  All this was with my unaided eye.

Is it possible that I saw a maneuver?

Mike McCants
30.31 North, 97.87 West