05994 Pageos DA: Sep.04 10:38 UT

William Krosney (krosney@cc.UManitoba.CA)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 07:36:06 -0500 (CDT)

To all,

I logged an observation this morning which I believed to be the Pageos DA
fragment; 05994.

Based on Ted Molczan's mail with elements for 95244.11793386, Quicksat 
version 2.10 predicted a 05:27 CDT pass (10:27 UT).  From my backyard, with
a limiting mag. of about 3 to 4, I observed from 05:17 onwards.  I believed
I caught the Pageos fragment at 05:38.  What follows is 2 time points,
accurate to the second time-wise, and probably a degree position wise.

My observation location: Winnipeg, Lat. 49.85, Long. 97.27

Time         RA         Dec.        Mag.
10:38:04 UT  20h45m    +46d30'      +1
10:38:43 UT  22h53m    +25d         +0.5

The question is...was this the Pageos fragment.  It was more than 10 
minutes later than the Quicksat prediction, and its' angular speed was 
slower than I expected from Quicksat's prediction.  Yet, after reviewing
Ted Molczan's 282.n2l file (distributed Sept.03) I could not find another
bright satellite which would fit the observation.

Thoughts anyone?

Any other new Pageos observations out there to support my observations?

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