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Tristan Cools (
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 15:02:13 +0200


Our observing programme can be found in the 'Recent Observations' section.  
It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

b       flashing object for beginners
d       difficult to measure
S       steady object, potentially flashing in the future
?       flash period is unknown or uncertain
-       long flash period (>40 s)
!       top-priority object
	regular object
x       additional code for DRA project

Special remarks                               Top-priority objects

61- 18A: long period                          65- 08A: accelerating,tm
64- 06A: to be checked !                      74- 89A: only one observation
64- 38A: more obs !                           78-109J: NEWEST J-ACCELERATOR
68- 11A: to be observed again !               79- 30B: some strange obs
71- 16A: more obs please !                    84-109B: global decrease
77-117B: deleted, S                           85- 11B: probably going down
78- 95A: Molniya 3-10: some more obs          85- 41B: scatter
81-116J: last observations strange            85- 94G: last obs dp ?
82-109B: almost steady                        85-116B: to be checked !
83- 75A: deleted because steady               86- 02J: to be followed !
83-120B: deleted, S                           86- 37B: complex accel.curve
84- 56B: flashes confirmed by WV              87- 49B: accelerated
86-100B: seen S by RO                         87- 57B: accelerated
91- 13B: going down ? to be checked           87- 98B: going down
91- 41B: probably accelerated                 88- 16J: accelerating ?
93- 16B: almost S and almost deleted          89- 28B: dtm
94- 23B: nicely going up                      90- 04B: accelerated again
94- 24B: normal/beginners object now          90-111B: still accelerating
95- 08B: to be observed more frequently !     91- 19B: period is rising 
				              91- 59B: many sm ->hp
				              92- 08B: still going down !
				              92- 12B: short period
				              92- 20B: probably going down
				              92- 38A: probably B-object
				              92- 73B: small acceleration
				              93- 36B: 5 seconds again ?
Observers of August 95

JEV:    Jim Varney, Sacramento, California, USA         
RE:     Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland             
RO:     Jean-Pierre Rohart, Wormhout, France  
TC:     Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
WN:     Walter NIssen, Ohio, USA
WV:     Willy Verhaeghen, Wetteren, Belgium

Total number of observations: 178
Next deadline for sending in observations: September 15, 1995


70-106B/4794    82-40J/13168    83-69J/14179    84-109B/15360   
85-41B/15752    86-37B/16728    87-74G/18340    90-23B/20528    
90-36B/20578    92-8B/21876     92-64A/22161    92-73B/22208    
93-59B/22803    94-24B/23093    94-41B/23180    94-45B/23190    
94-61B/23179    95-2D/23466

See 'Flash'  92 and 93 for more information and format.

Tristan Cools