Fri, 01 Sep 95 22:15:58 -0800

STS-69 Estimated TLEs, Launch 07 SEP 95 @ 15:09 UTC

1 99969U          95250.68212214  .00007146  00000-0  63502-4 0    33
2 99969  28.4665  43.6365 0004877 272.2897  87.7275 15.64891157    20

Mission managers scrubbed todays scheduled launch of Space Shuttle
Endeavour and mission STS-69 due to the failure of one of the orbiters
three fuel cells. The scrub was called at about 3:30 a.m., prior to
commencing tanking operations, during normal fuel cell activation. Fuel
cells provide electricity to the orbiter while in space. Mission rules
state that all three fuel cells must be up and operational prior to
launch.  Managers have indicated the fuel cell will be removed and
replaced, effectively postponing the launch about a week.
A briefing is being planned for 10:30 a.m. EDT today to discuss the
problem and likely turn-around timelines. This briefing will be broadcast

Bruce Buckingham

Jim Varney, P.E.                                           Sacramento, CA
Civil Engineer