Attempting to set my sights a little bit higher
Fri, 1 Sep 95 12:22:52 EDT

I've been watching satellites a little less than a year and I have
always concentrated on those in lower orbits, usually well less than
2,000 km (most under 1,000 km).  On Wednesday evening, 8/30/95 at
9:30 p.m. EDT (8/31, 21:30 UTC), I had my first brush with one a
little higher.

I had noticed on my QuickSat printout that a fairly bright (mag 6 est.)
satellite, Pageos (H) 08074, would make a pass near the zenith over
5,000 km high.  So, I decided to give it a try using my Astroscan with
28mm eyepiece, which gives 16X and a 3 degree field of view. It was
interesting, watching it slowly glide across the background starfield.
I followed it for about ten minutes before going back to binoculars
for the next satellite on my observing list.

Having seen that, and having read messages concering geostationary
satellite viewing, I'm ready to give that a try.  I need some advice on
which satellites would be the best initial targets for either my
Astroscan (4.25" F4), or my 6"F8 reflector.  I'd like to start with
something relatively bright and easy to detect.

John Alsobrook