? reentry over Germany - 2017 Oct. 6 - 20:19UT+-1min?

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Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2017 02:53:15 +0200

A night sky observer for about 30 years now, I think 
I have seen the first reentry event in my life!  :)

2017 Oct. 6 - 20:19UT +-1min
Observation north of Berlin (Basdorf)  52.724926N , 13.440637E

The object followed a looong trajectory and "fell" roughly from Zenit to NNE.
I've seen the part from below Cassiopeia to extinction close to the NNE horizon. 
Speed was slow. The event lasted at least several seconds if not >10sec. 
Much slower than "falling stars", but considerably faster than sats in LEO. 
No "explosion", but fragmentation into several things. All fragments 
remained so close to each other that it was impossible to count them. 
Brighness (much) higher than Venus but never competed with the moons brighness
One day after full moon. The Moon was 25° above horizon and 
abt. >90° to the right of the object.  Extremely clear sky.
Colours: Sometimes Yellowish or rather colourless, sometimes really green, 
latest/biggest fragments clearly reddish at the end. 

I tried to hear something in the interval up to several minutes later,
but there was no sound from the bolides path direction. 

So of course I'd like to know the name of what I saw.   :D

Greetings from Berlin, Germany!

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