Ten Years After

From: Young, Brad (Alan.Young@wpxenergy.com)
Date: Fri Oct 18 2013 - 12:52:24 UTC

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    Realized today is about 10 years' anniversary of this addictive hobby; had a few "happen-ons" from Summer of '03 but first serious attempt to find and track a satellite was:
    25042	97 - 69D	10/17/2003	Iridium 39	97 - 69D
    First seesat post was near Christmas.
    I became interested in satellites by completing the Astronomical League's Earth Orbiting Satellite Observing Program. When the administrators busted me for not being accurate enough, it made me mad and determined to finish. Then I met Mike (!) and learned through his advice, Ted's and many others. Thanks to them, I've seen over 3900 different objects now. 
    Brad Young
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