unid with Cassiope?

From: Tom Laskowski (tmlask@att.net)
Date: Mon Oct 14 2013 - 03:38:18 UTC

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    I watched a nice pass of Cassiope, 39265U, 13055A tonight. At 0115:35 on 14 
    Oct. it passed just below SAO 66165 in Hercules, moving north, but I also 
    noticed a flashing satellite about 1/2 degree above it, about 5 seconds 
    ahead of it, with a flash period of about 3 seconds. It was flashing to 
    about 6th magnitude. It was moving in the same direction and with the same 
    speed as Cassiope leading me to believe it was part of the 2013-055 launch. 
    I tried IDing it with Findsat and IDSat but it didn't match any of the 
    results. Any ideas? Thanks.
    My location n41.6889  w86.1997  alt 748'
    Tom Laskowski, South Bend, IN 
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