Another UNID bright flare

Date: Tue Oct 08 2013 - 17:22:49 UTC

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    Last night I was prepping to observe the Falcon 9 payloads using an 8"
    While looking around, casually watching the Falcon 9 rocket, I glance over
    Cassiopeia and saw another bright object moving northward.  It seemed to
    have a glow
    around it.   Most likely that was astigmatism so I go inside to get
    When I came out to observe it with binoculars it was just a bright satellite.
    I still cannot use the all satellite search function with Skymap so I have
    no way
    to ID it.
    At 02:29 UT, 8 Oct 2013 it was about ten degrees to the left (west) of the
    of stars in Perseus.  That would place the satellite in the area of 3 Hr
    30 min RA
    and declination +63 degrees.
    Inclination was 60-70 degrees plus or minus.
    Location:   Lat= 38.947800 N
    Long= 104.561400 W
    Alt=       2073 meters.
    What I find interesting is the recent number of random observations of
    flaring satellites.
    It also appears that from my location and this time of year and night that
    the area
    near Cassiopeia may be good for observing flares.
    I just checked Heavens Above and the region for Iridium flares looks to be
    further west
    in the coming days.
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