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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Oct 08 2013 - 14:22:54 UTC

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    Hi Cees
    No, I wouldnt put it as bright at that - if I recall correctly it even even 
    faded out briefly so would be then around mag +10 - its probably a piece of 
    insulation  "flapping" around. I have lousy passes tonight - zenith passes of 
    most objects but in twilight so have to do very short exposures - the next lot 
    of passes low in the west - a few coming very close to the moon and Venus - I 
    MIGHT try the near zenith ones in autotrack mode but thats Cassiope and the 
    rocket but we are not desperately in need of observations of them and B and C 
    are so spaced I dont think I can track both in the same field of view- thats the 
    trouble with near zenith passes - I think I might be wiser to take a break 
    tonight - also makes it easier for me as I then just have to do the APEX 
    processing tomorrow on about a dozen fields of classified geosats that I did on 
    the 6th - plenty of objects with a 5 x 7 degree field as you and Marco have 
    discovered :-)))   so I think its a holiday tonight - after all why should the 
    US government be the only ones "allowed" to take a break ?
    > When I saw object T on the 3rd of October I estimate it at brighter
    > than mag 8.5, possibly somewhere near 6th or 7th magnitude. It was
    > variable in brightness, resembling a slow tumble.
    > Regards,
    >    Cees 
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