Re: Will Juno flare before/after the flyby?

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Oct 07 2013 - 06:15:02 UTC

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    Hi Ron
    Initially there was a possibility of Iridium like flare from the three very 
    large solar panels but the orientation of the satellite has just recently been 
    changed to give a better view of the moon during the flyby. This means the 
    panels are orientated now so that a flare is very unlikely. The predicted 
    magnitude of the pass at Cape Town ,where it goes into shadow at about 40 
    degrees elevation, has dropped from about mag +7 to now around about +8.5. The 
    time of closest flyby occurs about two minutes with the satellite deep in 
    shadow. I will be trying but I think its basically going to be a damb squip as 
    far as observing it is concerned.
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