Re: Falcon 9 R/B Identified

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Oct 06 2013 - 05:39:33 UTC

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    Morning Tom - thanks very much indeed for the new data 
    - I will try it as soon as weather conditions permit. 
    I am completely puzzled by some events though - I have a 
    detailed photograph taken by Chris Bell in Scotland that 
    shows the vent as a long spiral arc but the exposure must have
    been short as the stars barely trail so that the entire arc of the 
    vent must have been visible in the short exposure- why it did 
    not disperse has me puzzled.
    Now in this narrow spiral arc what appears to be an object
    that did a few flashes - maybe CASSIOPE as the next big object
    from the launch and possibly trailing some distance behind 
    the rocket which is not visible ( at least in the image I have)
    It has me completely puzzled. He did send one of his images - 
    apparently he has more than one - to SPACEx but no reply/
    comment yet from them. To me this is the most incredible/
    beautiful picture I have ever seen of a space event. I have 
    asked his permission to send you a copy as you might have 
    a better answer to the problem than I can think of. 
    I rate it "THE picture of the entire Space era"!
    I dont doubt his report as at least five people here in South
    Africa saw a similar streak during the second pass as it
    headed north to reach Scotland some time later. If this trail
    persisted so long then it must have been widely observed
    where ever the FALCON 2 rocket was illuminated and in
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