Re: Falcon 9 R/B Identified

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Oct 05 2013 - 22:01:13 UTC

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    Hi Tom
    Thanks for the posting - makes me happy as I wouldnt be able to seperate 2-3km 
    seperation with the aperture resolution I was using. Im not too happy with the 
    CASSIOPE situation though - I basically found one very bright object - the 
    rocket, one object at about mag 7-8 and two at about magnitude +10, so Im 
    inclined to say that the 7th magnitude object was CASSIOPE - Mike called it 
    OBJECT T in my posting to SeeSat - (I originally called it OBJECT F ). I can 
    send you some images if you dont have access to my FACEBOOK page where I have 
    posted what images I found in my search for the FALCON 9 objects. Ill do another 
    search later in the week- first want to get the JUNO flyby out the way on Oct 9 
    and can then change my optics to something more suitable for faint object - ie 
    use larger aperture.
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