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From: Caleb (
Date: Fri Oct 04 2013 - 11:31:59 UTC

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    Thanks for your time George and Björn.  I need to get better at describing
    directions of motion, magnitude and rate of movement across the celestial
    sphere.  The color of the flash was the color of a white star, such as Beta
    Virginis.  It's movement was *precisely* like that of a satellite.  Maybe I
    got the speed wrong, maybe it was 1/2 degree per second.  I could scale the
    magnitude of the flash down to that of Venus (give or take a half), after
    seeing Venus last night.  It was over a 1 or 2 mile forested area, all but
    eliminating the possibility of a Chinese hot air balloon toy.  I am sure of
    the location in the constellations - just to the north of either 52 or
    Chi-1 Sagittarii.  It's movement was toward the horizon, and it made right
    angles with 52/Chi-1 Sagittarii as it moved.
    Anyway, that's the best I can do.  If you guys say there was nothing on the
    software (that I attempted to use last year, but it got the best of me),
    then I'll take your word for it.  It sure looked VERY similar to the
    flasher I saw on August 24th, 2012.  Then entry I posted and that you guys
    identified (Bjorn at least) was on the August 26th, 2012 by "Caleb
    Vorwaller"  Flashing satellite, 3 min period (  The main difference was
    that the flash was much brighter, and the object was still visible at about
    magnitude 5 after the flash.  Also, it was moving at the rate of any other
    "normal" satellite in the sky.  Again, that's the best I can do.
    Thanks again for your efforts.
    On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Björn Gimle <> wrote:
    > Hi Caleb,
    > there are very few satellites (as far I see) moving S from a high
    > elevation near that time, 01:22 +- UTC I assume. Furthermore (if time is
    > correct) a sunlit object there would be at least 850 km above Earth, and
    > should move less than about ½ degree/second.
    > /Björn
    > 2013/10/2 Caleb <>
    >> ... Location: 30°04'43.33"N 81°36'46.81"W (Saint Johns FL, USA 32259)
    >> Date and time: Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 9:22pm Eastern Daylight Time
    >> ...located just north of either 52 Sagittarii or Chi-1 Sagittarii.  After
    >> the
    >> ...North-Northwest toward the South, at a rate of about 1 degree per
    >> second
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