Falcon 9 Payload Deployment

From: Dr. T.S. Kelso (TS.Kelso@celestrak.com)
Date: Fri Oct 04 2013 - 02:13:57 UTC

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    I just put together a quick animation showing how we expect the Falcon 9 
    payload orbits to be evolving. The view is centered on POPACS-2 and 
    updates are at 103.1-minute intervals (the orbital period) to avoid 
    oscillations due to the eccentric orbit. The velocity direction is 
    toward the lower-right corner. Notice how POPACS-1--the lightest of the 
    3 spheres--is moving ahead of the other 2 spheres. The animation can be 
    found at:
    I will be putting another one together shortly that shows how the JSpOC 
    TLEs have evolved over the same time period.  - TS
    Dr. T.S. Kelso
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