Corrections 02 Oct 2013

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Thu Oct 03 2013 - 15:19:19 UTC

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    Hi all
    Mike informs me that my OBJECT F is in fact OBJECT T. I wont argue ...
    In addition the bright unknown is NCAT 33411 - and guess what - its not in the 
    database I downloaded from SPACETRACK so its not my fault :-))))
    Are they on strike like some other parts of NASA?
    However I did make a slip up in the time given as 17h49m48.0s UT which is more 
    nonsense than I usually speak  - it should be exactly 2.00 seconds after the 
    previous exposure. No idea which thumb I sucked this wrong time out from - maybe 
    the one I hit with a hammer!
    Back to measuring and see if I can make some more mistakes.....
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