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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Oct 01 2013 - 06:52:19 UTC

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    Good morning ( my time!)
    Have just read all the postings that have appeared since I went to sleep some 7 
    hours ago.
    I would like to thank all for their contributions as it helps shed more light.
    I personally dont believe that the entire Falcon S2 second stage exploded but 
    maybe a rocket engine?
    The crucial information needed is what time did the second aborted burn take 
    place and whether
    there was a burn of any duration and what was the "anomaly" detected?
    Difficult to give an exact time of when the event was seen from South Africa as 
    mostly general
    public observations so time accuracy difficult but it appears generally to have 
    occurred around
    1703-1704 UT.
    As to the extra objects in orbit ? we will just have to wait and see and I leave 
    that to the more
    qualified individuals :-)).
    Meanwhile I am happy to accept Jonathans comment that what was seen was a "post 
    propellant dump" - as I unfortunately did not see the event and, as far as I 
    know there is no
    video of the event, it is difficult to guess how long the venting lasted.
    Now I had better go and do todays grocery shopping otherwise there might be a 
    Many thanks
    Best wishes
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