Re: Meteor? or Satellite?

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2012 - 00:41:41 UTC

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    --- On Tue, 10/23/12, Michael Boschat <> wrote:
    >  Wow.. many thanks for the replies... these would not be
    > "Clark Belt"
    Yup, a clark belt object.
    In Echostar 2 ( 24313 ) case, it failed in geo orbit. 
    >  I've looked for geo satellites but no luck.
    You can look at AEHF 1, a us military geo sat wihich is flaring. In a few days, it will quit going through the shadow, so the flare show will be longer. It's got a surface on the main spacecraft body that's a good reflector of sunlight. 
    Then there's always Intelsat 1R ( 26008 ) and galaxy 11 ( 26038) which will flare up, thanks to there nice antenna surface. I keeping my eye on anothe one, to see how it behaves, it's antenna look good for causing a flare.
    There's DSP 17 ( 23435 ), a us military geo sat that flashes brightly for a few minutes, when the sat is roughly 6 hours in difference in right ascention from the sun, that's due to the angled solar panels it has.
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