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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2012 - 06:11:38 UTC

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    > "I just realized  that Sunday night’s SpaceX launch
    > from Florida is a night 
    > launch and wondered if  there’s a chance for folks
    > along the U.S. East 
    > Coast to see it.
    Certaintly. It be like watching a night launch of the shuttle, the light from the falcon 9 rocket engines will be bright.
    > Similarly,  I’d be interested
    > to know if the Dragon Space 
    > Capsule can be seen in the Night  Sky."
    It can be.
    > Certainly, SpaceX is probably going to be launched into the
    > same  
    > 51.6-degree inclined orbit that the Shuttle would have
    > taken, so I would assume  that 
    > after launch its trajectory should be very similar along the
    > US East  
    > Coast. 
    That's correct. Just like during a shuttle launch, it will liftoff when the iss orbital plane passes the launch site.
    > I also assume that the capsule will be trailing  behind
    > the ISS, 
    That's correct.
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