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Date: Tue Oct 25 2011 - 14:34:36 UTC

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    Itīs possible,
    I look in Heavensat and Geostationary NSS-703 are in the approximate
    position of the flare. But working with UFOanalyzer I found the coordinates
    of the flash:
    Ra: 53o 04' 18"
    Dec: 02o 35' 16"
    Here the image with some stars and equatorial coordinates anoted:
    I never saw a geostationary flare before. To be honest I did not think this
    kind of satellite could produce flares.
    Anyway I would be interested to watch the video of Paul, could be a similar
    As sources to indentify satellites I custom use Heavensat, Heaven's Above,
    Visual Sat Flare and Satellite Tracker 3D.
    Exist other good sources can be indicated to this job ?
    I thank to the colleagues for their comments and opinions.
    Carlos Bella 
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    De: Ted Molczan
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    Carlos Bella wrote:
    > On the morning of october 21 I use my WATEC Ultimate camera to film the
    > Orionids meteor shower but one thiny and fast event catch my attention.
    > In one of the videos, captured automatically by the software UFOCapture, I
    > register a curious flare that gradually increased the brightness up to mag
    > -1.2. I think that can discount the possibility of a satellite flare
    > itīs absolutely static in the time interval of the growing brightness. But
    > can be wrong.
    As Kevin Fetter just posted, it appears to be a flash from a satellite in
    Scaling from your video (on Sky Atlas 2000.0), it appears that the object
    was near R.A. 03:28, DEC +2.5. The time on the
    video was 2011 Oct 21 04:15:31 UTC. Several satellites were in the vicinity,
    including Thaicom 3 (97016A / 24768) a
    retired comsat, which Kevin has observed to flash with a long interval
    between flashes.

    TDRS 9 (02011A / 27389) also was in the same area, but a quick search of our
    archives turned up only flare reports, not
    brief flashes.
    Ted Molczan
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