Re: Galileo IOV-1/Fregat-MT Over Europe

From: Bob Christy (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2011 - 18:38:01 UTC

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    Hi Leo
    The geometry is unique for launches to Galileo-like inclinations. Soyuz 
    at CSG is mainly for launches to low inclination to get the power of a 
    reliable medium lift launcher plus the added advantage of the Earth's 
    Launching GIOVE from CSG gave no advantage from the Earth's rotation 
    over that available from Baikonur. Arianespace is unlikely to waste 
    future commercial Soyuz launch slots in this way.
    This was a demonstration flight and I suspect choice of an ESA payload 
    for the mission was so that any issues arising did not impact on a 
    commercial customer directly.
    We're heading off topic. I'll not post any more non-relevant comments 
    directly to Seesat.
    Bob Christy
    Leo Enright wrote:
    I note that the Galileo IOV-1/Fregat-MT passed over Europe while the
    Fregat was still burning.  I cannot remember a previous occasion when
    a spacecraft was still in its initial boost phase when it reached
    Is this geometry unique for the Galileo IOV/Fregat-MT missions,  so
    that it will only happen once more?  Or does anyone want to guess if
    this will be a regular feature of Soyuz launches out of the CSG?
    Presumably there's a chance that some launches might be visible from
    Europe during boost?   And where does the second stage land?  Mid-
    Atlantic I assume,  but just checking.
    Leo Enright
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