Re: So how much will it cost to "bribe" someone to write software for my mount

From: Scott Tilley (
Date: Fri Oct 21 2011 - 03:54:57 UTC

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    Hi Kevin & Group
    Great suggestion Kevin!  My issue is time or I'd undertake this type of 
    project myself.
    I'd love just a piece of software that allowed one to simply take a 
    plane and then display a bracketed window of time showing the track for 
    a range of mean anomaly values.
    I presently do this by creating a series of orbital elements with mean 
    anomaly values of various 'steps', like say 5, 10, 25 degrees...  Easy 
    enough to do with a C script I wrote, but it would be nice if software 
    such as Heavensat could simply display this from one elset as a 
    parameter an observer could set...  Would be even nicer if there was a 
    standard data format for prediction programs to output for use in an 
    embedded device that could translate the standard to the specific 
    parsing for the mount.
    Great way to make a mark in the hobby!  At least in my books.
    On 10/20/2011 7:30 PM, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    > I would like someone to write software, that would work for my celestron SLT mount, so I can do a orbital plane scan.
    > So who can I can bribe, and how much will it cost.
    > Thanks
    > Kevin
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