R: ROSAT - Big Flare.. Orientation

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Thu Oct 20 2011 - 06:30:28 UTC

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    Assuming you were at the flare centre, the reflecting surface (probably the 
    solar panels) was oriented as follow:
    starting with the surface normal pointing toward the velocity versor, it is 
    titled down toward the Earth of
    37.4 degrees and then rotated (angle) along the vertical of 209 degrees toward 
    the sunny side. (With the same frame system the
    right antenna of an iridium would have tilt of 40 degrees and angle of 120 
    It would be interesting to compare the orientation with other observed flares.
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    >Ogg: ROSAT - Big Flare.. OT for other lists
    >Has anyone seen ROSAT flare???
    >I captured a pass (my first.. more each day..) where it flared brilliantly..
    >I was watching the small TV screen while I followed it across the sky a small 
    dot grew tremendously… Like an eighth inch dot became a half inch dot and back 
    to normal..
    >As soon as I gather everything up (it not in the yard but in the driveway) I’
    ll capture the video and post it..
    >It was AWESOME on the screen..
    >PS.. I have a pass each evening until decay on the 23rd..
    >PSS.. A Quick idea of the Geometry.. I Live in CA at 38 North.. Sun Sets to 
    the West. Pass was thru the handle of the dipper thru the little dipper and 
    beyond.. Flare was (very roughly) near the Pole / Polaris..
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