MAQSAT-H Lunar Flare?

From: Carlos Bella (
Date: Sat Oct 15 2011 - 16:09:29 UTC

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    Mr. Alexander Gil a brazilian amateur astronomer presented an interesting
    picture of an object with blue-green glow crosses the sky near Jupiter. The
    object was not seen at naked eye:
    Here's the description of the image:
    "This animation has a total of 33 frames of 20 seconds each, the first frame
    taken from 23:06 to 23:18 (local time: -3 GMT ) and the last concluding that
    the path shown lasted between 11 and 12 minutes and reinforcing what I had
    been aware of it before (my the first sighting was 23:01).
    These photos were taken around 23:10 of october 03 with a Canon 450D
    (ISO1600, F5.6 ), location of the photo was São Manuel (Lat.: -22.73727 /
    Long. -48.57264)."
    I realized simulations in Heavensat and the satellite MAQSAT-H reproduced
    the tracking, but the satellite are in the shadow at this time, it´s
    confusing me.
    Could it be a case of Lunar Flare?
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