X-37B OTV 1-1 found by Greg Roberts

From: Ted Molczan (ssl3molcz@rogers.com)
Date: Wed Oct 13 2010 - 14:24:59 UTC

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    Greg Roberts found OTV 1-1 on 2010 Oct 12, at 18:45 UTC, during a planar search for the object:
    Here are approximate elements:
    X-37B OTV 1-1                                            376 X 393 km
    1 36514U 10015A   10285.72915088  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    05
    2 36514  39.9880  18.7856 0013000 209.0005 151.0088 15.62000000    00
    Arc 20101012.78-1012.78 WRMS resid 0.167 totl 0.025 xtrk
    The arc is a mere 17 s, so the mean motion is uncertain, by perhaps 0.02 rev/d, which results in
    prediction time uncertainty of about 2 min per day since epoch.
    Based on the above elements, the object must have passed just below my FOV, toward the end of my
    search this morning.
    The manoeuvres lowered the orbit by about 54 km, and appear to have occurred on Oct 06, in the
    vicinity of 17 h UTC.
    The ground track of the new orbit appears to nearly repeat every 46 revs, which takes three days
    (46:3). The initial orbit had been 61:4, and the one previous to the present one was roughly 91:6.
    Ground tracks that repeat every two, three or four days, are a common feature of U.S. IMINT
    satellite orbits.
    Ted Molczan
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