polar orbit question

From: Dale Ireland (direland@drdale.com)
Date: Mon Oct 26 2009 - 00:41:34 UTC

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    I have a friend who is sitting at Mcmurdo Station today waiting for a plane
    to take him to the south pole where he will spend a year studying neutrinos.
    I am wondering how they get high speed communications there. 
    Wouldn't all the geosynchronous satellites always be a few degrees below the
    horizon as seen from the poles?
    Are there other goesats that have inclined orbits that would put them above
    the horizon as seen from the poles for part of the day?
    I know Amsat has some communication satellites with highly eccentric orbits
    that make them "hover" of a location for extended periods before diving back
    to perigee.
    Anyone know what they use at the south pole?
    Dale Ireland
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