Re: NOSS 0 (D) moved?

From: Brad Young (
Date: Fri Oct 23 2009 - 21:53:09 UTC

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    FWIW Derek, I have always had better luck with the NOSS objects rising in the south on a northbound pass and rising in the north on a southbound pass. But watch out - some (e.g. NOSS 1 objects) are often much dimmer on a southbound pass becuase of their elliptical orbits.
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    > Hi Derek
    > Highly unlikely - I think they stopped doing this a long time ago. You probably 
    > missed it because it was too faint. Apart from the rocket from this launch  the 
    > satellites are small and very sensitive to just where they are in the sky 
    > relative to you so the magnitude can vary quite considerably - from perhaps mag 
    > +10 to perhaps 6-7 magnitudes brighter just in a single pass.
    > If memory correct they havent been seen for a while so they wont be running on 
    > time but shouldnt be far off, so my money is on it having been too faint where 
    > you tried. I suggest you try two positions on the satellite - one where it is 
    > ascending to culmination and the other several minutes later where it is 
    > descending from culmination. You should see it at one of these positions.
    > Good luck
    > Greg 
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