Re: NOSS 0 (D) moved?

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Oct 23 2009 - 21:43:43 UTC

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    Hi Derek
    Highly unlikely - I think they stopped doing this a long time ago. You 
    probably missed it because it was too faint. Apart from the rocket from this 
    launch  the satellites are small and very sensitive to just where they are 
    in the sky relative to you so the magnitude can vary quite considerably - 
    from perhaps mag +10 to perhaps 6-7 magnitudes brighter just in a single 
    If memory correct they havent been seen for a while so they wont be running 
    on time but shouldnt be far off, so my money is on it having been too faint 
    where you tried. I suggest you try two positions on the satellite - one 
    where it is ascending to culmination and the other several minutes later 
    where it is descending from culmination. You should see it at one of these 
    Good luck
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