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From: Steve Daniels (
Date: Sun Oct 18 2009 - 22:27:38 UTC

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    Sadly I had lots of cloud cover here and did not see it. Really looking
    forward to the videos though.
    It always seems that when something exciting happens it gets clouded out for
    As an aside any of you Radio Amateurs?
    Callsign G6UIM
    In Paignton Devon England
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    Hi Gerhard
    Glad you confirmed the "puffing" - I saw this several times but in the 
    excitement of the action and how quickly everything happened I wasnt sure of
    everything I saw was real . Ill go through the video tomorrow and see if I 
    can get any worthwhile pictures. Unfortunately I was using 2.5 second 
    integrations so the satellites are trails and the rocket looks like its in a
    lighted cylinder.
    As seen from here the satellite was just slightly behind the rocket - 
    assuming the puffer was the rocket- and slightly to the side--at a rough 
    guess I would say less than a degree apart but Ill only know for sure when I
    measure the objects tomorrow morning for positions.
    The lens used is also prone to internal lens reflections from very bright 
    objects so Im not 100% sure at this time what was "real" and what 
    wasnt --never seen this before with any satellites tracked. Wish I had been 
    able to be outside and see it with my naked eye - must have been a real 
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