Re: Centaur-Clouds

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Oct 18 2009 - 21:15:24 UTC

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    Hi Gerhard
    Glad you confirmed the "puffing" - I saw this several times but in the 
    excitement of the action and how quickly everything happened I wasnt sure of 
    everything I saw was real . Ill go through the video tomorrow and see if I 
    can get any worthwhile pictures. Unfortunately I was using 2.5 second 
    integrations so the satellites are trails and the rocket looks like its in a 
    lighted cylinder.
    As seen from here the satellite was just slightly behind the rocket - 
    assuming the puffer was the rocket- and slightly to the side--at a rough 
    guess I would say less than a degree apart but Ill only know for sure when I 
    measure the objects tomorrow morning for positions.
    The lens used is also prone to internal lens reflections from very bright 
    objects so Im not 100% sure at this time what was "real" and what 
    wasnt --never seen this before with any satellites tracked. Wish I had been 
    able to be outside and see it with my naked eye - must have been a real 
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