4542 SATOBS DMSP F18 r

From: Alberto Rango (alberto.rango@tin.it)
Date: Sun Oct 18 2009 - 20:40:41 UTC

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    72901 XX XXXX 4542 F 20091018191346460 17 24 1634720+464260 57 S+035 05
    About the halo:
    Firstly I have to say that during the first transit (17h32m)
    of DMSP F18r I noticed a lasting halo (diameter a little
    less then 1) surrounding the Centaur, as said by Gerhard
    Secondly, VERY NICE second transit with a FANTASTIC
    SHOW. The Centaur vas clearly visible naked eye mg +3.5
    with a halo (diameter 1.5) surrounding the sat with a little
    tail (thickness about 0.3, lenght about 10 directed on the
    contrary of the sat movement).
    A nebula, about 5 of diameter, fan-shaped, with the handle
    directed towards the centaur, followed it at a distance of
    about 30.
    I have three naked eye points, low in UMA:
    DMSP F18r  19:15:47   13h24m  56.1
    Halo              19:17:03   13h42m  50.5
    Halo               19:17:42  13h24m  48.5
    In this fantastic show, I didn't notice DMSP F18.
    Alberto rango, 4542. 
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