NASA may be able to speed up launch of moonship

Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 01:27:22 UTC

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    AP-Moon Rocket
    NASA may be able to speed up launch of  moonship
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -  Officials at say it might be able to
    test its new moon rocketship sooner than  they thought.
    They're hoping for a test launch  in 2014. That would be a year
    earlier than the current target date -- and  four years after the
    last space shuttle  flight.
    Many in Congress are troubled by the  prospect of the U.S. having
    to rely on Russia for trips to the international  space station
    during that time.
    The Ares  rocket would have an Apollo-style capsule on top,
    called Orion, to carry  astronauts. The new rocket would ultimately
    return the United States to the  moon, but the initial flights would
    be to the space  station.
    NASA's study on ways to move up the  March 2015 test launch
    should be completed in  December.
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