Re: Neil Armstrong's parents on "I've Got A Secret."

From: Claudio Martins (
Date: Sun Oct 26 2008 - 07:57:35 UTC

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    On Saturday 25 October 2008, wrote:
    > And at 4:40 into the  presentation, take note of the incredibly prophetic
    > question that Moore poses to  Mrs. Armstrong!
    > In all of the biographies I've seen about Neil  Armstrong, I've never seen
    > this video clip . . . but to watch it all these years  later is truly
    > amazing!
     A small segment of this video clip is included on David Sington's documentary 
    film In The Shadow of The Moon.
     The documentary film itself is definitely worth watching as it includes lots 
    of other rarely seen footage, all remastered in HD. Some of this footage 
    shows what you could call the more technical aspects of the Apollo program, 
    which have seldom been seen in typical Apollo documentaries for the general 
     I hear that the "Moon Machines" series is also great when it comes to the 
    engineering aspects of the program.
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