Neil Armstrong's parents on "I've Got A Secret."

Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 17:35:32 UTC

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    Some really unbelievable stuff appears almost  every week on YouTube.  I did 
    a double take when I saw this and thought it  would be interesting enough to 
    share with all of you 
    On September 16,  1962, Neil Armstrong was selected by NASA as a member of 
    Astronaut Group 2 or  the "New Nine."  Later that evening, live from New York on 
    the CBS  television game show, "I've Got a Secret," Armstrong's mother and 
    father were  brought on stage where they whispered to the host, Garry Moore, 
    that their  "secret" was that their son was chosen that very afternoon be a new 
    What followed was a humorous and very interesting bit of banter as the  four 
    celebrity panelists attempted to guess what the secret was.   
    And at 4:40 into the  presentation, take note of the incredibly prophetic 
    question that Moore poses to  Mrs. Armstrong!  
    In all of the biographies I've seen about Neil  Armstrong, I've never seen 
    this video clip . . . but to watch it all these years  later is truly amazing!
    -- joe r.   
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